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Greetings from the Permanent Representative of Finland to the OSCE

Katja Pehrman ja Lamberto ZannierPermanent representative of Finland to the OSCE, ambassador Katja Pehrman and the OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier. Foto: OSCE

We are delighted that you visit the website of the Permanent Representation of Finland to OSCE!

The Permanent Representation of Finland to the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) looks after and promotes the Finnish interests and priorities in the Organization. Our work supports the efforts to foster European security and stability, and we aim at furthering the cooperation and confidence among the OSCE participating States.

Finland has been part of the OSCE and its predecessor, the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), from the very beginning. We signed the Helsinki Final Act in 1975 together with 34 other states. In its current form OSCE is one of the broadest regional security organizations, which includes 57 participating States.

Finland has a historically important role in the OSCE. Finland is seen as a strong and constructive supporter of the OSCE, which we certainly hold true also in the future. Our objective in the OSCE is to support an active and innovative cooperation that is based on the broad concept of security (includes politico-military, economic-environmental and human rights dimensions). Examples of our priorities in the OSCE include questions related to arms control, human rights, women in conflict situations and empowerment of women, the development of the OSCE field operations and the enhancement of good governance in all dimensions.

At the beginning of 2013, Helsinki +40 process was initiated. It is a platform for discussing the future of the OSCE. The culmination of the process is planned to take place in 2015 during the Chairmanship of Serbia, which would mark the 40th anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act.

 You are warmly welcome to follow and comment our activities on this website and on Facebook. We are happy to receive feedback and new ideas in order to develop our services ( . Our OSCE team is pleased to answer to your questions!

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Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Finland to the OSCE, Katja Pehrman

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